In this edition: A beginner’s guide to Dutch academia This guide, an introduction to Dutch research and higher education, serves as a support document for researchers and instructors who are unfamiliar with the Dutch academic setting. It may also provide insight for those who have already been working in Dutch academia for a few years. It was written primarily with new ‘senior’ academic staff in mind, but we hope that postdoctoral and doctoral researchers will also find it useful. The emphasis is on profe
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Toolkit inclusive recruitment and selection

In this edition: Toolkit Inclusive recruitment and selection The Academy considers a working environment in which everyone feels welcome and valued of great importance. A working environment where individual qualities are nurtured, and where development opportunities are paramount. Together, we strive for an inclusive culture in which we embrace differences so that everyone has the opportunity to enter and advance within our organisation. Why this toolkit?  For each vacancy, the Academy wishes to select th
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In this edition: How does vaccination work? How safe are vaccines? Why should you get vaccinated?  Do you want more information? Building up immunity without getting sick When you get infected by a bacterium or virus, it takes a while before your immune system gets going to fight it. Once that’s happened, your body usually manages to clear up the infection completely and you get better on your own. But with some diseases it’s much harder for the body to fight the infection by itself. Some examples are measl
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