Inclusive recruitment and selection

The Academy considers a working environment in which everyone feels welcome and valued of great importance. A working environment where individual qualities are nurtured, and where development opportunities are paramount. Together, we strive for an inclusive culture in which we embrace differences so that everyone has the opportunity to enter and advance within our organisation.

Why this toolkit? 

For each vacancy, the Academy wishes to select the most suitable candidate for the position. Who that is depends on the individual qualities of the candidate and the complementarity towards the existing team. This toolkit for inclusive recruitment and selection has been put together by HR and offers everyone involved in the recruitment and selection process support in the shared ambition of being a diverse and inclusive employer. 

What does the toolkit consist of? 

This toolkit distinguishes four steps in the recruitment and selection (R&S) process. Inclusive recruitment and selection processes are encouraged per step by means of tips and tricks. The four steps are described in the vertical box. The tips and tricks can be used within our organisation by every vacancy holder and every member of a selection committee, regardless of the department or organisational unit and regardless of the type of job to which the vacancy relates. In this toolkit support in choosing the right wording for the job vacancy text is provided, and added documents give guidance on how to conduct the screening process and the interview in a transparent and structured manner. 

For whom is the toolkit intended? 

Members of recruitment and selection committees should consult this toolkit when detailing any vacancy procedure. Before drafting the job vacancy text, they can identify the diversity characteristics (visible and/or invisible) lacking in the team and consider the type of person they are looking for in terms of skills, educational background and experience. This rather than unconsciously looking for the same type of person as themselves (peer selection) or a person similar to the one who has just left the job. The Academy considers inclusiveness of talent as the basis of its successes and the diversity of perspectives and persons as an extremely valuable result. This is reflected in team members who complement each other in many ways and work together inclusively. 


Step 1: Preparation ›

Good preparation of the recruitment and selection process increases your chances of recruiting the best candidate.

Step 2: Inclusive recruitment  ›

By means of inclusive recruitment, diverse talent is reached and encouraged to apply for the job.

Step 3: Standardised preselection and selection processes ›

Transparent and objective processes lead to equal opportunities.

Step 4: Evaluation ›

Evaluation leads to improvement of the R&S process in the future and helps to make the search for the best candidate for the next position even better. 


Design & realisation: WAT ontwerpers