Step 1
Preparation of the R&S process  

Good preparation of the recruitment and selection process increases your chances of recruiting the best candidate.

Tip 1:
As HR advisor/team leader, consider the complementarity of the team

The talent needs for the future should be identified. Consider the talent currently available in the institute/department and think about the type of skills, competences, experiences and other visible and invisible diversity characteristics that would be a welcome addition to the team and organisational culture the institute wishes to create. Use this insight when writing the job vacancy text  (see Step 2). 

Tip 2:
Set up a diverse R&S committee  

Put together a R&S committee that is diverse in terms of visible and invisible diversity characteristics. This reduces the risk of ‘blind spots’ and unconscious bias playing a role in the R&S process and increases the likelihood of selecting the most suitable person for the job. Consider, for example, the following aspects when putting together the committee:

  • Visible diversity:
    • persons of colour/people with a migration background; 
    • age: age range with a difference of at least ten years between the youngest and oldest member; 
    • gender (minimum 30/70 ratio in gender diversity; 50/50 is optimal).
  • Invisible diversity, for example:
    • specialisation/position; 
    • seniority: varying number of years of work experience or seniority in positions.

Tip 3:
As a member of the R&S committee, inform yourself about the recruitment and selection process and discuss it with the selection committee

Take time to learn more about recruitment and selection and about possible biases that may come into play during the process. Discuss the entire recruitment and selection process with the other members of the selection committee. Consider what you are looking for in a candidate, how you want to find the best candidate for the team and how you want to organise the process of selecting the most suitable person. In line with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO-NU), consult the NVP recruitment and selection code.  

Tip 4:
Engage your HR advisor and the Diversity & Inclusion Advisor as consultants

Involve your HR advisor in the recruitment and selection process as early as possible. This person is an expert and can help you determine what diversity characteristics (visible and invisible) are absent from the team and help you fill the vacancy. You can submit the vacancy text to the Diversity & Inclusion Advisor for a final check before sending it to CCD for publication.


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